1. Agricultural production

Quinta Dom Pedro – 112 ha.

Freixo – 121 ha.

Gavião – 354 ha.

Hornachuelos, Finca Santa Lucía de Nublos – 84 ha.

Agropecuaria Pajaritos

Huelva, Finca Pajaritos – 42 ha.

Los Palacios, Finca Sortes – 63 ha.

4. Industrialization, marketing and distribution

Our exclusive partnership with Manolet, Straight from the Farm, ensures that our almonds are processed in the most technologically advanced facilities, reaching demanding international markets efficiently and with the highest-quality product.

Maned’s almonds, and those of other participants in the pool, are sold as snack, sliced, diced, slivered, or ground into meal for flour or paste depending on the needs of its customers in Europe and the Middle East.