About us

Who We Are, What We Do, How We Do It

We are pioneers in planting soft-shell almond varieties in the Iberian Peninsula, proving the feasibility and productivity of this crop in Europe.

We operate our own farms and those of local and foreign investors in Spain and Portugal, under bespoke mandates suited to their particular needs.

Our state-of-the-art huller and sheller in Alentejo services proprietary crops as well as those of independent growers. Through our exclusive partnership, Straight from the Farm, we manage the full processing and distribution chain under the MANED COMMITMENT:

Our long-standing goal is producing the best quality almond available in the marketplace

Our relationships with growers, investors, partners, and clients are open and honest.

Our state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified team allows us to be singularly focused on efficiency along the entire production chain.

We keep in mind our impact on health and the environment at every step of the production process.


Our team

We are an international management team with agricultural and business experience composed of professional agronomists, entrepreneurs with proven track records, and solid financiers with multiple years of experience working together.
Our technical field teams are robust and professionally trained.

Management Team

Rafael Sanchez Gavilan

Carolina Esquenazi Shaio

Carlos Arturo Nariño Alcocer

Antonio Ucros Rodríguez